Medical Treatment

  • This visa is intended for applicants travelling to visit Hungary for the purpose of undergoing/receiving medical treatment. This visa does not allow the visa holder to work in Hungary apart from the purpose stated at the time of application.
  • The Embassy reserves the right to call on applicants for interview if further details or documents are required.
  • Visa applicants must submit their application in person and enroll their biometric (fingerprints) at the time of submission if they are 12 years old and above.
  • Only applicants travelling within the next 3 months (90 days) can submit their application.
  • Incomplete, unclear or unsigned applications will not be accepted; and the visa application can only be processed upon receipt of ALL documents required by the Embassy (see List of required documents).

Required Documents

  • Certificate of the receiving health institution including reference to the fact that the expected coverage of the medical treatment is available and accommodation is provided by the health institution. Please be advised that coverage of the medical treatment has to be proved beyond doubt if the latter certificate does not include reference to availability of the coverage or refers to the applicants own private or other sources.
  • Original application form duly completed, dated and signed. Note: For children under 18 years old, both parents must sign the application/declaration form. Passport copies of the father and mother and birth certificate have to be attached.
  • Original passport (must be at least 6 months valid from the date of travel) with at least 2 empty pages.
  • 1 recent passport size photograph (white background) – not older than 6 months
  • Original or copy of Travel/Medical Insurance covering the territory of the Member states of the Schengen agreement and with minimum coverage of EUR30, 000 for medical expenses.
  • Confirmed flight reservations/booking (with either booking reference or ticket number).
  • For non-GCC nationals:
    • Original employment certificate referring to the permission granted for leave duly signed and stamped by an authorized person of the business entity.
    • Updated and recent salary certificate.
    • Educational institution enrolment certificate referring to the permission granted for leave duly signed and stamped by an authorized person of the institution if the travel is taking place during the academic year.
    • Original bank account statement of the applicant or in case of student his/her sponsor’s for the last six month duly signed and stamped by an authorized person of the bank.
    • Original certificate of registration in case of self-employed duly signed and stamped by an authorized person.
    • Kuwait residence permit must be valid until the date of return.